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Become a Merchant

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How to sell

Turning your unique hobby into a side-hustle is a dream come true for devout makers.

Here at Sanctuary, we want to solve the problems of buyers and sellers alike. Forget outrageous fees for every product you sell. Forget sitting in the heat, wind, and rain at markets. And forget all the time spent creating online stores and profiles just to get a sale or two each month.

Register to be a seller with Sanctuary HSV

-Every seller gets a custom landing page on our website.

-We only make money, when YOU make money.

-Each month we feature 15 new artists in our retail space. (no booths to sit at!)

After each week, we send a business report on your sales, and allow merchants to restock and rearrange their displays. At the end of the month, merchants receive a month-in-review report with a check made out to your business!


How it works


Service Name

Apply to be one of our merchants and pay the applicable Adjudication Fee. Don't Worry, if you don't end up selling, this will be refunded to you.


Service Name

Look out for an acceptance email!

We will need a few pieces of business information and you will schedule an onboarding day! This is when your landing page will go live and you will be able to start taking online orders.


Service Name

At your onboarding, you will receive your move-in date for the retail space. On that day, you will be able to come and setup your display for the month and MAKE SOME MONEY! 

Ready to take the first step?

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