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Safety Wear

Safety First

Our Safety Acknowledgments

-I understand that once all fees are paid, they are non-refundable.

-I Agree that I will not, under any circumstances share my building entrance code with any person or group.

-I will not prop-open or leave open any entrances whereby a non-member could enter the building.

-I agree that I accept full responsibility for my actions and the way that I conduct myself around dangerous tools and machinery. Any actions that lead to injury are of my own doing and no action I make that could potentially harm me is endorsed or lead by Kenny Paone, Sanctuary Huntsville LLC, or any representative.

-I understand that I am discouraged from bringing non-members into the Sanctuary Huntsville building.. I understand that if I do bring non-members onto campus; their safety, well-being, and overall actions are my responsibility. I will not allow anyone under the age of 16 to operate powered tools, tools that are hazardous as described and outlined in each tools operation literature, and/or any project that requires heavy lifting (anything above 30 pounds) or strenuous movement.

-I understand that I am required to read all operating and safety literature before operating any tool.

-I will not operate any tool for the first time alone. I will always seek help from recommended members for assistance in learning correct operating procedures for all tools and processes.

-I understand that any materials left overnight in a shop can and will be used as community material unless labeled and clearly communicated to the owners and membership.

-I will not bring outside food or into the workspace areas. Alcoholic beverages and smoking are strictly prohibited at Sanctuary HSV.

-I understand that I am responsible for a monthly fee for membership. Non-payment of this fee will result in termination of membership. If my membership is terminated; it will be necessary to re-register for my membership as-if applying for the first time. This may result in a higher membership fee depending on the current membership cost. This cost is at the discretion of Sanctuary Huntsville LLC.

-I understand that Sanctuary Huntsville LLC will provide all documentation and instructional materials on any and all tools I am unsure of how to use properly. It is my responsibility to research these documents and resources prior to using any tool. I will not use any tool without reading the provided literature, or without seeking instruction from an individual approved by Sanctuary HSV.

-I consent to the audio and video recording of myself and anyone that I bring to Sanctuary Huntsville. I consent to these recordings being posted online in any manner. I understand that these recordings can and will be used against me in a court of law.

-I will wear all necessary personal protective equipment when operating tools that require personal personal protective equipment (PPE)

-I will not intentionally deface any property of Sanctuary Huntsville LLC, nor alter any furniture, or large tools.

-I understand that violation of any of these rules may result in termination of my membership without warning or refund.

by typing my full name, I acknowledge that I have read, understand, and will abide by the rules and restrictions listed above.

Thanks for submitting!

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